Thursday 17 June 2010

My Home, My Magic - home tour June 10

I’ll leave you to guess who lives in this magical home…. I’ve featured her on this blog before – Who said a bookshelf just had to have books in it?? You can have CDs, books, paintings, frames, incenses, and pretty knick knacks .... just about anything your heart wants...
A frame on the floor…. Is it necessary to have this on the wall??
Love the lights... and the shadows...
Even a simple mirror in this home is made to look gorgeous by adding accessories on the top…
A few serene corners…
I like how the lower part of the table is used to showcase your interests… Lets have a game of chess…
Plants everywhere… and lots and lots of beautiful stuff around .... reflects upon the vibrant people who live in this home... Its warm, loving and truly magical...
I’m a huge fan of paintings or pictures on the wall … that are put up randomly… I somehow am not talented enough to do this myself…
Lots of love overflowing through knick knacks, artefacts, paintings, pictures & books is the personality of Pree’s home. Do have a look at my earlier posts on her home – Apartment 408 & Another look… Don’t you want to see more?? I do… I so do!!


  1. My goodness- her home has such a lovely inviting feel to it. I'm sure her guests never want to leave. :)

  2. :) :) Her house is just so lovely :) :)

  3. fab home!!...dying to know who lives here :)

  4. Vrey warm, cheerful and inviting home... I too love random arrangement of photos and artworks on walls. The one in this house is very interesting and creative.

  5. Wow..what a home! Love all the pics... but i'm a sucker for indoor plants :)
    And i too love to keep little knick knacks and soft toys along with the books!

  6. Absolutely lovely home! Thanks for sharing Patricia!!


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