Thursday 26 August 2010

KG's table top... simply beautiful..

I so enjoyed my August table top, that I’ve been dreaming of another subject … I’d like some suggestions.. please!! Few more images from Ketchup Girl… that I just had to share. Have you checked her home tour??
Bedside is usually clutter-free - my retro alarm clock, the book I'm reading, my ear - baalis, a moisturiser and my picture of our wedding :). And the lamp, that I've been meaning to change.
My study: A black & white framed print of Sydney's King Cross taking in the 1920's. 2 Bamboo shoots, my fav Marilyn Monroe mug, a sign - 'A balanced Diet is a chocolate in each hand' waiting to be put up, my cuppa and with a pot full of darjeeling to keep me arm, three books I'm currently reading, and a family picture in a yellow Ikea frame.
Oh so awesome... just neatness... I simply love her home.. her blog and her table tops..
There is just another week for joining the August table top party!!!!


  1. Hi Paty my first time on your blog and from the looks of it i would need 3 days to go through all those beautiful posts and those awesome pictures..being a working woman gets a little difficult to feed the fishes on time and water the plants regularly but, in my little way i try to make things work :)would love to participate in the table top contest..shall be definitely sharing some pieces of our heaven :)

  2. Oh loved the simplicity of the house...well you keep on reminding and we keep on adding..just added another table top party to your august post again!!!

  3. How about a series on elephants around the house? :)

  4. Your table top theme was awesome. Umm how about themes with shells, twigs, acorns, pine cones, things from Nature.

  5. Like the pics.Why don't you keep bathroom decor as your next.Weird idea I know but can't help it.
    If it's too stupid,then wall decor is good too.:-)

  6. Hi Patricia and other fellow bloggers,

    The elephants around the house is a GREAT idea. !!!
    So many people get a few elephant figurines... even if one does not have elephants, another animal should do just as well.

    Also, bathroom decor is a great idea too. Sumi

    -to a moments in beautiful spaces.


  7. Patty, How about book shelfs? I like bathroom decor as well.

    Doesn't matter what you pick, I just can't wait to join your Sept party.


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