Friday 6 August 2010

KG's table top

Have you linked to my August table top party as yet??? What are you waiting for?? Here are a few images from Ketchup Girl… for you to enjoy… Before that, do you remember seeing her home tour featured here?? Well you’ve got to see that first!!! Aparna is a now more than a blogger friend… Her emails bring a smile to my face… and her blog… is the only non pretty pictures blog that I follow dedicatedly and read (all of it… trust me!!)… I love her style of writing… and I love the way she shows off about the person she really is… I simply love meeting genuine people… with warm hearts and making great friends for life… Anyway… now back to her table tops.. Fall in love with red candles on her dining table…
Sydney is full of Laurel Hedges and they are in full bloom this winter. I cut a Red and White one from my friend's to put it on my dining table that has red cushions on the chairs. Brightens my day!
This is what Aparna has to say about her side table –
I like changing the coffee table books occasionally. On some days you'll find a book on Whisky, interiors, photography and then there are days when I like to keep this 'Encyclopaedia of Rock' by the sofa side. Even books have attitude. The other thing you see is a gift from my husband on my Birthday- a box of Penguin book cover post cards. I absolutely adore it. :-) And a little green is a must, everywhere :-)
What can I say.... a true romantic??
This is Aparna’s Pink Princess' space. She has her sleeping beauty princess always on her table. She is as much a romantic... just like her mom….
So gorgeous...
Now what are you waiting for?? Is your table top gorgeous as well??? Connect your post with inlinkz, its open throughout August… Join the party!!!! If you are a non blogger and would like to join in… , send me an email with your table tops on I’d love to see what’s on your table top today??!! *smiles*


  1. Hello..Nice pictures. Thare are so lovely... I am following you now from Friday Followers. I hope you could return the favor. Have a great weekend. Enjoy.

    Thank you

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  3. Oh, I really love the red candles and the child's drawing. So sweet.

  4. Nice pic's for Pink Saturday, love the bed and picture frame! Happy Pink Saturday!


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