Monday 30 August 2010

A little stars birthday party..

‘Twinkle Twinkle Little star’…. is N’s favourite nursery rhyme… and what a perfect theme for his first birthday party… Simran says ~~
I had blue and white table cloths, with "star" centre pieces on each table that I made.
Please check out the tutorial on the centre piece. I love the choice in colour, shades of blue & white… Looks so so gorgeous..

We had a clown lady who made crowns for the kids with stars on it.
Isn't this gorgeous??

The cake was in the shape of Number 1 with stars and moon on it to go with the theme.
This was the awesome backdrop...
And some tasty food..
Also on every tablecloth there were pictures of N with each of the guests - kids and adults loved finding their own pic.
Hope you enjoyed Simran's well planned birthday party... If you'd like to share a party that you've planned, decorated or baked a cake for... email me on


  1. Nice center pieces and a lovely shades of blue.

  2. wow what a creative mommy..well done simran..m sure N is gonna be loving this memory always :)

  3. Beautifully done! Very well-thought out

  4. lovely blues !! nicely done!

  5. aww! This is so sweet-adorable-precious. What a lovely party for a little one!

  6. I love the cake! What a perfect party for a little prince!

  7. Aww, looks like a wonderful party.

  8. Thanks for the nice words everyone!! N is going to be turning 2 soon and so the prep for that has already begun. Will start putting up the pics soon


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