Sunday 8 August 2010

Project 1 - the happy room

Before the end of August and after I return from my holidays, this is going to be my first project. (ie first project in the new house). I thought I should make a start from somewhere and the girls room would be the best place to start. As my girlies sure know what they want. One of my earliest posts, was of their princess room in the old house…. But that was years ago, when we were mad about princesses, but now much to their mothers dislike, they’ve moved to the age of Hannah Montana. This is their name tile, that I picked from MalaysiaHere are a few images from their room. I’m looking forward to making it a pretty, colourful and a generally happy room. Not inclined towards pink or purple. Catching their dreams…
I’m going to draw and paint butterflies flying from outside the room to inside… and throughout the room in all pretty colours.
The black day bed in this picture will be turned to white.
Oh… the new bookshelf is something I designed to fit in to the space available.. This cabinet will be coloured white and we hope to paint flowers and butterflies on it… somehow *smiles* The intention is to allow the girls to paint the flowers on this cabinet… So they have something to be proud of..
This is the room in total, the walls will have butterflies and other happy stuff. I know its in a mess, but I had no time to clean and clear last night.
Somewhere here… will be some blackboard paint… for them to be creative on…
We are not going to be painting one wall, but do little bits and pieces everywhere… butterflies, flowers, garden…. Etc.. etc.. Any suggestions.... more than welcome...
Closer look at their happy blinds..
I’m linking this in to Bev’s Pink Saturday… Simply coz I'm falling in love with pink...
Oh.. and while you are here don’t forget to check the August table tops and join in the party if you haven't already.


  1. Super ideas Pat! I love painted furniture too for little girls' rooms...maybe you can paint their bed a pink or white too...:) I love your ideas cos these are the exact same things I am dreaming up for my lil girl's room! I found an old antique mirror that I shall paint white, and I am yet to find the wrought iron bed that I am thinking of..with bright purple or pillows in shades of pinks and purples and whites...and some of her butterflies are already up on the wall...I am waiting to pick up a ladder that will reach up to her ceiling cos I want to paint some stuff up there!

  2. Pat, I love the bunk bed and the book shelf which fits that space so perfectly, did you get that custom made?

  3. Nice plans Patricia, loved your ideas to be implemented.. the family tree is going to be loved by all, havent seen any one doing it on a wall:-)

  4. Just stoppin by to wish you a happy pink sat on my first pS!

  5. Patty! love the room...I shared my room with my elder sister most of my time at home with my parents (when she got married, I was already on my way to college)...My sister had trained as an interior decorator, so you can only begin to imagine how cool our roon was....all painted white, with turquoise fabrics for that punch of color!!! you brought back such sweet memories..... :)

  6. Hello sweet Patty!
    I love your plans for the girls' room! I was just looking through Pottery Barn Kids catalog this morning and I found so many happy, little girl things that THIS big girl would like to have!

  7. such a nice canvas to create a dream room for the kids...loved the pink in the dream girly

  8. Oh its going to be a real girly room after you're done. What a treat for your kids, who by the way i want to kidnap, they are so cute! Check out this and click on the murals link. You will get a ton of ideas and inspiration. Keep us posted via pics!

  9. Oh you've got some great plans here! I am so excited to see how it all turns out! I really like the idea of painting the bed white, so cute!


  10. Cool ideas pat, i love the book rack u have designed...looks different.

  11. lovely ideas...can't wait to see the whole room come together...i am in the process of redoin sara's nursery as well...after all she has moved from being an infant to a toddler....aah..ok i admit i just need a reason to redecorate;)


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