Saturday 18 September 2010

Butterfly muffins...

With September starts the festive season in my house… starting with moms bday this month, followed by loads of bdays up until February.. Ends with my brothers bdays… and then ofcourse we have Halloween, Diwali, another Eid.. and Christmas & New Year. Sims has already starting planning her bday… Her bday is only in December but she normally starts the discussions in January.. Yes!! She is a party animal.. and totally freaks out about everything being super organised… and in control!!
She hasn’t accepted my idea of an ‘Indian / desi’ themed party……
But atleast she has agreed that it will be a few girl friends… and not half of the town!! *sigh* Thank God!!
These pictures are from Yva’s bday early this year… Ramie (her godma) made these lovely cup cakes.. and Rose.. put together a pretty dessert table.
We are still armatures you can tell… But hey!! We are going to give it another try this year!! And who knows… it might look prettier.
Its her 8th bday… 8 years already.. Gosh!! I’m emotional.. before I know it.. I think she will be going to Uni.. With this one.. I know she wont look back once she is gone.. *smiles*
Do you have any ideas… for my Hannah Montana’s bday?? Any ideas for a theme?
Happy Pink Saturday to all!!


  1. Don't give up on the indian/desi theme yet.......when they're older and out of disney-age, they'll love it! :)

    we had a pokemon birthday this year!! :)

  2. Hey! The theme for this month at my blog is celebrations & decorations. and the decorations need not be done by kids. Why don't u link this up :) n I know u had a pool party & a dora party earlier.
    :) We had a mickey mouse / minnie mouse party this year. P refused to accept any other theme. Sigh.

  3. Patty tell them that you are going to arrange a Indian Princess theme party. decorate the house in a royal Indian way with mughlai food and dress up the cupcakes with gold dust and silver flowers. also buy a good lehenga choli for the lil one. every girl wants to be a princess and this royal theme will definitely take over.
    the butterfly cuppies look adorable.

  4. Hi Patty,
    I just came across your Blog on the internet!And I m so glad I found you....Beautiful pictures !! I looove all those butterflies on your muffins!
    If your daughter accepts the Indian theme will be fun if you can make/buy some gulabjamuns (kind of Indian sweet) fro love this sweet..try it!
    Will come back often to your lovely space!

  5. Lovely cupcakes!! I would hate to eat them as they are so pretty!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    bee blessed

  6. What a delicious and happy party, love the cupcakes!

    Happy Pink Saturday!!

  7. I like your idea for a theme... the cupcakes look yummy! And if I were you, don't believe the "just a few friends" ... trust me, I've been there! Expect the whole town!
    Happy Saturday! :) mercedes

  8. lovely pics --- esp the cup cakes luk wow ! soo... colorful --- with beautiful butterflies on top....

  9. The butterflies look so cute on the cake and the goodies, gosh, can't imagine kids gobbling up all these at one go! Have a nice weekend!

  10. Gorgeous !!! I am all for the just girls and not half the town for my girl's b'day.

    Enjoy the beginning of celebrations in your household!!!

  11. Don't call yourselves amateurs! You guys beat the pros hands down! Good luck with the party - loved those cupcake designs!

  12. how cute are those cupcakes! and i must say its such a pleasure to read how your friends & family always get together to make all these days special!

  13. I wish I had such a birthday party....those lovely cupcakes and marshmallows on sticks! Wonderful decor..

  14. Yum This is all so colorful and lovely looking!!


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