Wednesday 22 September 2010

Sumathy's cozy corner

Sumathy joins cozy corners today… showing off a corner of her home. Sumathy’s warmth and love can be reflected in the corners of her home…
We moved into our apt in July 2005 with our woodwork but left the furnishing for later. And spent close to 2 years trying to come up with some ideas to decorate a corner facing the entrance in the living room in our apartment. Finally it happened !!! and needless to say, it is a special corner for me. I love to gaze at the corner sitting across it…..
When we got chatty… She went on to say…

There are times when I pause at a particular place and all the memories come rushing - what all did I consider, how did I end up with this, what my kids / our friends thought about this, etc, etc - that is why I think people say home a has life and soul!

Yes.. Sumathy.. I so agree!! Your home surely has the life & soul… and attitude that I love… Real peoples… real homes… with loads of love, a little clutter.. making a photograph into a memory. I love a lot of things about her pictures… the pretty chairs, the rug with cushions… the little shelves, the terracotta Ganesha.. and the little curios on the shelves… So many things to see and appreciate!!
Do you have a cozy corner to show off about?? Email me at or join in linkz party… open all September!! Cant wait to see you there!!


  1. cool chairs and love the corner stand.. :)) is such a nice piece

  2. very nice corner.. Love the colorful rug and the camels...

  3. What a great cozy corner! That shelf is so fun and orante!


  4. Lovely corner..loved the chairs!
    Thanks for sharing Patty:)

  5. lovely corner stand and rugs....

    simply amazing corner!!

  6. I totally understood what you meant about memories and how special that makes a space for you and your family to treasure those memories and remember people and places. I really liked the camels and teh baithak seating.

  7. Thank you all for your nice words! It is my first experience pf getting involved in a blog and wow, I am loving all the attention! Thank you Patricia for giving me this wonderful opportunity to connect with all of you.

    I am enjoying each corner that is feature here.


  8. Hey
    I have a similar seven sands of the seven Emirates showpiece at my home. Do u by any chance stay in UAE?

    Plus wud love to send u pics of my home's cosy corners. Can I?
    n Whats the theme for Oct??

  9. Sumati nice to see the special corner stand,I always appreciate your creativity,all the best.


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