Saturday 25 September 2010

a cozy corner... from NS!!

I simply love blogging.. and the best part of it.. is connecting with people…. Like ‘YOU’.. and visiting your homes…. And being a part of your life.. and you being a part of mine… So thank you.. to all who visit me here!!! *hugs*
And a special thank you to those who make me a part of their lives… like NS… of My experiment with food.. sharing pics of her cozy corner.

This is the place where I love to spend my evenings. I have couple of flower and vegetable plants in my balcony, after watering them in the evening, I just love to sit there and have my tea with a book in my hand.

Do you have a cozy corner as gorgeous as NS’s??? If you do, share it!!! Email me or just join in the September party!!


  1. Wow! I just loved the arrangement :) Cozy and a perfect bliss.

  2. Thank you Patricia for accepting my entry. Loved your presentation here.

  3. such a lovely place with simple arrangements... I would luv to spend my mornings & evenings... here..readin my favorite book.. . !!

  4. That is indeed a very cozy little corner! I actually started reading that book a while ago and never finished it-I must go and find it and start all over again.

    Best wishes,

  5. How comforting and peaceful. I love making little reading nooks for myself too both inside and outdoors.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. what a gorgeous cushion! loved your corner NS!


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