Tuesday 14 September 2010

Swati’s Cozy (no!! no!!) Magical Corner…

I should have called this ‘Enchanting Corners’… This is truly magical…. a home that belongs to Swati Seth..... Thank you Swati for sharing this with us… Do you have a cozy corner worth talking about??? Are you a non-blogger? or your blog doesn’t talk about design or décor?… all you need to do, is email (torresp27@hotmail.com) your cozy corner pictures & a little story… And leave me… and everyone else spell bound!!
"This is my favorite corner.
This is the place where...
I sip my morning tea
I daydream whenever time allows
I curl up with a book on winter afternoons
I skip, hop & dance in the rain
I listen to my fav music by a crackling fire on winter nights
Sun my homemade pickles :)
I catch up with friends over coffee & brownies..umm..sometimes over gchat & Facebook ;-)
and once in a while over tequila shots & kebabs ;-)
I have conversations with myself, Mr. Moon and Uncle God :-) "
Can you picture yourself there?? Isn’t this truly exquisite??
The Cozy Corners September music is playing for the full month… all you need to do… is put on those dancing shoes and join the party *smiles*.
Oh!! And thank you all for the constant support and encouragement. My blog would be nothing without you all…. And I mean all of you… those who comment and email… and those who just silently read and smile. I can feel you… I can see your smile!! Thank you!! *hugs*


  1. I could relax quite nicely there too!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Patricia :)
    I am really happy to see 'my fav corner' on Colours Dekor. Thanks a ton :)

  3. @Debbie: I am glad. Please do come over :)

  4. love the bench... bright pillows... oh such a delight!

  5. Patty, this is wonderful! :)

  6. Lovely photos, Swati dear! Truly a magical corner. :)

  7. This is gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful space, nice pick Pat.

    I am based out of Dallas Texas... answering your question posted on mine

  9. Lovely nook, loved the way plants and flowers cheer up the space.

  10. THis corner will captivate anyone's mind... Great swati !!!Luv, the wooden bench and the colorful pillows splashed across.... Ofcourse, the flowers are lovely too.... !!! ;-)
    P.S. This corner would be a great inspiration for anyone interested in outdoor decor..!!!!So... simple and yet enthralling ..!!

  11. I've spent some time in this beautiful home with Swati and every moment in it was wonderful.
    Thank you for having Sapna and me over. :-)

  12. This corner is really to die for! love-love-love the wooden bench..awesome swati!

  13. @A Naik: I'm glad. Thank you :)
    @GB: Thank you :)
    @Jas: Thanks :)
    @Once Upon A Tea Time:Thank you :)
    @Geeta: Thank you
    @Emreen: Thank you :)
    @Savia: looking fwd to many more wonderful moments here :)thanks
    @purplehomes: Thank you, thank you :)

  14. Love the colors. I wish i had a corner like this at my home.

  15. I love your corner! It is beautiful, and the flowers sing to me...

  16. It's fun to look at cozy corners!

  17. Swati, your corner is truly magical!

  18. wow!!!the bench & the bright cushions..pretty pretty,Swati


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