Friday 19 November 2010

Suchitra's Easy Crafts

I’m most excited when I stumble upon talented people.. and trust me… there are so many out there!!! Suchitra is one such bundle of talent. When I saw her blog…. All I could say was ‘WOW’… from using waste to make pretty crafts, to crochet, from simple dolls to tajore paintings… She also makes artificial jewellery and baby clothes… She really does it all!! You’ve got to check out her blog.. to believe what else she can do… She blogs at Easy Crafts… which I believe is a great way to introduce arts & crafts to the next generation… Here is what she has to say –

I am a housewife and am a craft lover. I have been trying out various types of craft since I was studying. However after my education and marriage I had lot of time and encouragement from my family to improve my skills. I started my crafts blog Easycrafts ( in 2006 November and the food blog Simple Indian food ( came almost a year later. The Microwave cooking blog ( is dedicated to cooking Indian food using the microwave. With help from my husband we started blogs for Personal finance ( and Temples of India (

So much talent... yet such a simple, humble and gorgeous personality.. Thank you Suchitra... for sharing all that you know with us... So we can learn and grow!! and pass some knowledge to our younger ones..
Have you checked out her blog yet?? NO!!! Easy Crafts is where you need to go!!
Do you have a talent that can be showcased here?? Email me on


  1. :) always nice to read abt a friend. Isn't EC just amazing. I mean look at the variety!!!

  2. I just adore the dolls! And everything else is so beautiful too! Thanks Patricia for sharing this!

  3. Wow! Lovely! Creating things is such a joy and celebrating artists' offerings fuels the soul!

  4. She is amazingly talented, what a variety of products.

  5. very pretty and a wide variety...

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  7. sema .... :) :) vry vry vry vry creative :) :) love it :) :)

  8. The work you share is really ineradicable thanks!



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