Wednesday 17 November 2010

Lets talk about outdoors (Home Tour)

Do you remember Sameera & Ashish’s home tour back in September?? Sorry my lovelies… its taken me that long to get to Part 2 of this post… Life has basically been a strange roller coaster ride the past few months…. But that’s for another post… Today, I’m going to show you the outdoors of Sameera & Ashish’s home!! Bring you cup of coffee, tea or water… so you can sit here for a while… coz I’m sure you will totally love this home!!

Here are some totally drool worthy pictures… - irresistible eye candy… and lots of inspiration.

The home is a hundred year old stucco structure based on a Sears's home plan. The house is 2200 feet plus a basement, but the real beauty is the numerous balconies and porches overlooking what we think is our Asian oasis in a hot steamy city. We think the house is timeless and it reminded us of the concrete structures in India. The flow of the house conformed to many principles outlined in the Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian treatise that prescribes architectural and design elements for a positive result. We have lived here a year, but in this cool neighbor hood for almost a decade.

We used rangoli stencils on every threshold..

The pictures I like best are of the swinging bed on our back porch that we imported from India. It has cool brass links which were forged in Rajasthan. We hung mosquito curtain that are not particularly effective but look lovely!

We have also placed various items found on our journeys throughout the garden: a brass temple bell, elephants figurines from our collection and a large marble Shiva statue. Our secret - we also love IKEA; the furniture and lanterns on our four porches are mostly from IKEA.

So my lovelies… tell me what do you think?? Do you have a home or outdoor as gorgeous as this?? Would you like to showcase it here… Email me on I’d love to see you here!!

And while you are here... dont forget to link into the Weekend Wrap Up Party.... that starts every Monday and lasts for three days.. I cant wait to see you... *smiles*


  1. Wow my outside is no where near as amazing!! Just gorgeous!


  2. That meditative Shiva statue is such a gorgeous spot!

  3. OASIS! love the lotus pond!

  4. a beautiful home.. especially luv the garden decor...How I luv to have a garden like this !!! My favorites are the swing.. the fountain..and .the mermaid... !!

  5. Beautiful lotus pond and the surroundings around it. Quite a collection from different travels.


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