Monday 22 November 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 7

Weekends are special.. and long weekends are all the more special.. This was the first long weekend in ages (probably 10 years)… where we decided to do ‘NOTHING’… but nothing really doesn’t exist in my dictionary… *smiles* Clearing my inbox, I found this lovely award passed on to me by Emreen of Liven Things Up. She has a lovely blog… you must go and check it out!! I love receiving awards, but passing them on is a bit difficult.. So for now.. Emreen, I’ll just keep it!!

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Then I stumbled upon another email.. My Halloween Décor was featured on Santa’s Gift Shoppe! What a pleasant surprise.. I’m touched to say the least… So here is a big thank you to all those who pop in here to read my blog..

The little magnet reads 'My family tree is full of nuts' *smiles*
Like I said… weekends are always special… This weekend I had brothers & cousins at home… which made the house noisy, dirty, fun & mad at the same time. Not that they care if I say anything anyway…
We did a special breakfast on Friday morning… There was definitely a lot of love involved.. That’s me… doing what I do best.. Arranging and rearranging our breakfast table… oh.. and I learnt to make these pretty watermelon balls… *smiles* Are you impressed?? if you knew me even a little bit… you would be!! I’m horrid in the kitchen.. I really am!!
My brother made the special chocolate custard and my little girl, and my brother (no.2) made the pancakes.. I tried to help… And the rest of us… just ate like pigs.. and had a great time. It was a fun filled weekend… with lots of activities, from beach volleyball, to table tennis, to touring around Dubai, to shopping for Sims 8th birthday… and a lot more.. Getting back to work on Sunday seems to be the most difficult thing.. *smiles*
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  1. any party with chocolate and love in it is a hit by me! the custard looks wow! :)

  2. all that food is making me hungry! what a beautiful breakfast table! :)

  3. i really wish i could join in patty..yum

  4. Congrats!! Your table looks so inviting!! Awesome decorating job!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Patty...that breakfast looks amazing! Much better than my cereal bowl!!! And congrats on your Halloween decor being featured. Way to go!

  7. the watermelon balls looks like coloured small

  8. Patty you completely rock...I can live on that table..yes I can...its gorgeous. And congrats on the Halloween feature.

  9. That table looks so pretty. If I ever visit Dubai, I'm going to invite myself over to just gawk at the way the table is laid out ;)

  10. hmmmmmmm a weekend just doing NOTHING :-, sounds way out of your dictionary. Loved the magnet, table, chocolate and the love in it. Congrats on ur blog feature.

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  12. That breakfast table is calling me !!

  13. Hey, this is Anu from a fleeting glimpse! Now that's what I call a breakfast table! Everything looks awesome :). I've joined the link party from my other blog - a food blog :). Enjoying this!

  14. Hey again! About the home tour - I promise I'll send u pics soon! I'm missing seating in the living right now - long story - so as soon as that in place, I'm ready :). Thanks for asking! Anu

  15. The fruit bowl looks colorful and yes.. impressive too....!! And the chocolate custard luks yumm..... ( Any ideas to post recipes ... ;-) )
    Lov the red color table cloth ( luks like Xmas themed one) and the pretty arrangements ( those small steps) on your table...


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