Friday 19 October 2012

Home Tour ~ Part 2

I know I kept you waiting for a week... But I'll tell you right away... the wait was well worth it... *smiles*

You've seen Nirmala's living space... and today, I'm taking you to her family room & kitchen.... 

I love the little corners of this home... put together with so much thought... and love... 

These colours have come together beautifully... amazing...!!

and here is Nirmala's gorgeous kitchen.... 

Can't believe how gorgeous this space looks... 

and watching over the hustle and bustle of their lives... 

Oh.. I'd thank Nirmala for sharing this space with us... Here are images of the bedroom.... 

Love all the hanging things in the corners... the little shawls.. and bags... 

Here is the guest room.... Wouldn't you simply love to stay here forever... 

And a small section of her home office.... 

And if you think these images are wow.... hop on to Part 1... Don't forget to leave Nirmala a comment... that simply makes her share more with us...

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  1. Just too awesome!! Love her kitchen!! love love love <3 the way she has done each and every space! WOW

  2. Such vibrant and amazing hues!! am in love with her home!

  3. Lovely home. Such a spic and span kitchen.. I loved the way she has hanged the colorful pots in pic 2& 3..

  4. stunning stunning stunning....the kitchen is drool worthy...soo wow...loved it truly.

  5. Hi have such a beautiful home......i just loved it so much...seeen soo many home tours on many blogs;but this was truly stunning....

    Hi Patty....thanx for sharing Nirmala's home with us...Now this was a true home tour as she had showed the entire home to the readers...usually ppl dont showcase their kitchens(dont know y).....most home tours i've seen (except of course for very few ones)shows just some corners of their this truly a HOME tour....Patty do share such homes,which shows their entire home not just few rooms or corners....

  6. i have seen some fotos of this home in indya kaledoscope :) this home is really awesome with its vintage touch :) :) i like t a lot :)wish to know where all the small goddies she got :)

  7. perfect home ....

  8. I think this is really amazing collection of artifacts and the kitchen is superb it looks just like a picture in a book.

    Very Nice. Thanks for sharing this truly wonderful house.
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  9. WOW!

    I dont have words to explain the beauty of this house!
    Just love it!

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  10. Thanks much each one of you for your wonderful comments and lovely words. Made my day.



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