Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Its Halloween... !! Like I said... we didn't have time enough for Halloween decor or to organise a Halloween party this year... 

But the girls tried their hands at decoupage on glass... I think they did a fairly good job... LOL

Modpodge.. our new favorite.. a few tissue papers... and tea-lights from IKEA

marker pen to draw the faces... and we have some gorgeous Halloween tea lights... *smiles*

a few more images... 

Hope you have an awesome..... Halloween.... 


  1. beautiful spooky tea-holders!


  2. Great work!
    Where did u buy the Modpodge from?

  3. Beautiful work for is such a wonderful feeling working with kids and then at the end of the day if you have lovely results like these, just perfect.

  4. lovely! nothing like custom art!


  5. Happy Halloween to the girls! The tealights look absolutely lovely! Oh Ikea when will you come to India.


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