Monday 22 October 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 98

I simply haven't had time to do anything this weekend... *sigh*... and I really do mean it. Sims performed her first Kathak piece and I was busy helping.. rather playing my part as a mommy coordinator for the show... So its been a busy weekend....

But I'm looking forward to a slightly slower week... a week of clearing and preparing for the festive season...

Oh.. and talking about the festive season... you know I've been preparing for a while now... 

Sharing with you today... the drama on my 'mango wall'.... *smiles*

the bench has finally found a place of pride... 

I asked a few friends... what comes to their mind when I say 'India'... and here are the images I got in return... simply printed out of google... 

Sorry... the pics were clicked this morning... Sunshine pops in to say 'namaste'... 

The 'Limboo Mirchi' you see in the frame above is from 'Aarohi Singh'. This painting and a few others are on sale as paintings or prints... Do check out her site for more details.. 

I am now beginning to believe that she is not just an amazing painter / artist ... but an awesome person as well... Thank you Aarohi... 

Christmas gift from my little cousin... finally finds a space... 

Truly the whole wall evolved around this gift... The idea started off with... how can I place this on the wall... and hence the mango square... and other things Indian.... 

Do tell me what you think... you know I love hearing from you!! 

Eventually I will put up some of my own pictures... but for now.. I simply didn't have the time for that.. *smiles*... 

I'm going to visit you this week for sure.. I promise... so till then... grab the weekly button and join the party... *smiles*.. 

Colours Dekor 


  1. love with yopur mango wall and the key adorable it is... lovely.
    Aakanksha Dhingra

  2. Love your mango wall, it is a great background for the pictures. Thank you for hosting:)

  3. Loved the mango wall..the pics of a cartoon by Mario Miranda and the asli butterly girl are such important pieces of contemporary India..loved the key holder.

  4. Such a great spot all reminiscent of apna India! All i can say is Kya Baath Hai!

  5. Hey! Patty, Iknow it's been long time no see...but just couldn't help myself from commenting on this gorgeous wall of yours , it has come out pretty well! :)..hoping to see some gorgeous decor ideas from you this festive season :) ...
    Take care and catch you soon :)

  6. Wow - loved the idea and the creativity you have come up with to get this wall ready! Just looooved the idea and to think it can all be done with some images from google. How did I not think of this earlier :-) Fabulous! BTW thanks for visiting my new blog ( as well.

  7. Gosh - I meant :-) duh!

  8. Wow, Patricia, what a lovely discovery this has been for me. The wall is lovely. And so is the blog!

    And for a first performance, I thought Simone was great... I thought she was a veteran there!


  9. hello patricia...!!!
    its been quite sometime since i visited ur blog...infact any blog for that matter!!got sometime off today amidst a lot of chaos...!(painting my
    The wall looks so lively..brings a lot of life and warmth into the room:)
    i had the same colour on my wall... yes had ...i told u i was painting my home and i already regret not going in for the same colour..:(
    but no worries now i can hop onto ur blog and devour it to my heart's fill!!;)

  10. This is absolutely my type of wall Patty :) I love everything about India...Incredible India...and do check my latest post which I did for a challenge at APR :) Hope you are having a great time !!


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