Wednesday 3 October 2012

My Story ~ Kavitha

Today, I'm featuring Kavitha ~ a wife, a mom, an artist ... The series called 'My Story' will be similar to showcases, however, all the views below are of the artist herself and Colours Dekor will simply be used as a platform.... Saying that Colours Dekor is not responsible for any content below... If it offends anyone, please write to me on individually and we can look into the matter.... 

"I am Kavitha, a mom of a soon to be teen. Brought up in Chennai, lived in Dubai and now in Mumbai. I majored in Psychology as I was always passionate about people and their emotions. I think my strengths of being a good listener and communicator helps me connect with people.

I have no memories of deciding to “become” an artist. It seems as if I have always drawn and made marks. My decision was more about embracing the fact that I was an artist. After much soul searching, I decided that I had to be true to my calling in life and silence the art critic inside myself. This has allowed me to more fully enjoy the creative process.

When I create, my inner child is let lose to do whatever she pleases with the paint for that particular day. My best pieces come about freely and without a deadline or a set agenda. There is no pressure to sell or be validated and no struggle between myself and what my tools are doing. There is just me and the paint.

I have a deep interest in and fascination for the creative process. For me I’m not sure where or when the process actually begins. Perhaps it starts with that first hint of inspiration. Or maybe not even until the first stroke of a brush hits the painting surface.

But when the process starts there’s no doubt about it. I just go with it.
Inspiration for me comes from many different directions and sources. It could be anything from life experiences, the materials I use, music or even from other artists. When I view the world around me everything is a potential work of art. In my mind I’m constantly painting my surroundings. Always asking what colors do I need to mix in order to accurately render what I see.

Painting has become the means of conveying the inner landscape of my heart and mind.

My recent works are displayed in  Kala Kosh and hope you enjoy and share my happiness ."

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  1. Hi Kavita, loved your creative thoughts and outputs,, your butterflies are so vibrant and full of energy! All the best!

  2. Beautiful paintings and sketches. Loved every single one of them !

  3. Meenakshi sundar3 October 2012 at 11:55

    Hi Kavitha, beautiful works.I live in mUmbai & my teen daughter loves drawing & painting.Do u conduct classes in mumbai?Thanks

  4. Lovely lovely paintings! And truly loved the write-up too :)

  5. Hi Kavita,
    you are god gifted... awesome creations..

  6. Deeply appreciate your feedback. Thank you all.


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