Friday 23 November 2012

Asha's home in Bangalore ~ Part 2

We've shown you what Asha's home looks like over all... now I'm  showing you some stunning corners of lovely home in Bangalore.. 

Telephone corner with Sarwasti idol and Asha's Tanjore painting ...

Another corner with Asha's Tanjore art on the wall and camel teeth pot ...

Framed Afghan carpet and partially seen mirror cabinet ...

On the kitchen wall ... a few plates.. and more.. 

On the passage wall, stencil work ... Isn't that pretty?

A small music corner and one of Asha's paintings on the wall...

Rajasthani marble in-lay work framed in identical mounting ... 

On the entrance wall, Camels and elephants on the wall!

Landing leading to the terrace, Gujarath's mirror work wall hanging!

I love how everything from around the world has found a perfect place in this home.. I now can't wait to see pictures of Asha's home in Bahrain... *smiles*


  1. beautiful home indeed..loved the stencil art especially.

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