Thursday 8 November 2012

Tea-light experiments

So last weekend... when we (the girlies & I) were doing nothing... this was my attempt at teaching them decoupage... we made a few modpodged doily tea-light holders... 

They didn't turn out the way I was expecting them to... What do you think?

Rather.. I think.. we didn't do a neat job... LOL

Since those failed so miserably.... we dressed them up with cloth or net that was lying around the house... and here is how dressy they looked... 

Our guests were amazed at the outcome of the one below... The reflections on the wall looked stunning... or atleast I thought so... *smiles*

After I put this together.. I now have a few ideas on how to make tea-lights look pretty... Do you have some ideas too? Share them on Colours Dekor, email me on 


  1. very pretty!

    Hey Pats, I love the way you have put all your social media buttons u have the code for that?



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