Friday 9 November 2012

an inspired Rangoli

Inspired by Bhupali's Up-cycled DIY Rangoli, and making good use of one free afternoon, the girlies and I tried our hands and up-cycling cardboard to make rangoli... and here is the outcome... 

There was absolutely no planning... so we figured we didn't have any sequences or pretty colours to use at home... *sigh*.. 

The girls randomly painted anything that came to their minds... and used glitter glue... to make some of it look pretty... 

Sims even tried a warli rangoli... but it didn't turn out the way she was expecting it to... so I haven't posted it here... *smiles*

and then they decided to decorate the floors with this... 

all in all... it did look pretty... 

so.. thank you Bhupali... for such an awesome inspiration... *smiles*

I simply love the festive season... such pretty colours... so many hues.... and shades... *sigh*

a few close ups... 


  1. I must say girls have done them sooooo gooddddd

  2. Happy Diwali Patricia!!! Loving all the fun decorating tips you've been sharing!!

    Have linked this tutorial to my diwali post... hope you like it :)

  3. Wow, these are very beautiful ! Especially love the paisleys . . . . happy Diwali to you and your family, Patty !!!

  4. I am loving the mango shaped rangoli + tea lights...very nice!!

  5. Wow - I looooooove this idea. Your blog is my inspiration every year! I had loved the lanterns last year as well...I started making this decoration just this morning with my daughter coz she soooo wanted to decorate the house!


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