Monday, 5 November 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 100

Are all the gifts wrapped and ready?? 

I fell in love with this simple wrapping paper and gorgeous knot... so I had to share this with you... 

Love knot from Shilpa's blog

and here is the process on how the paper looks so gorgeous 

Oh and.. Shilpa has some awesome ideas.. that you simply have to take in and absorb from her gorgeous photography... and blog... 

So join in the Weekly Story.. and tell me what's inspiring you today... *smiles*

Colours Dekor 
How's the festive preparations going? 


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  2. Recognized the wrapping paper right away! Loved it too.

  3. Pretty paper Patricia! Thanks for hosting!

  4. wowwwwww these gift paper are absoultely gorgeous!!!

  5. This is a really creative gift wrap paper idea..a very nice way to personalize your gift for someone special. There can be really so many twists to this, one can try blocks for printing or marbling and other techniques to make creative wall papers for the festive season.

  6. thank you Pat. you couldn't have chosen a better day to post this! the daughter, the creator of these gift wrapping papers, turned 8 on Nov 5 :)

    thank you :)


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