Wednesday 5 December 2012

Asha's home in Bahrain ~ Part 2

Now you've seen Asha's home in Bangalore... and part 1 of her home in Bahrain... and here is more... *smiles*...

and here is what Asha has to say...

I strongly believe that if nature comes inside one's homes, it instantly transforms the decor... in its own vibrant natural colors. So, in comes the potted plants! A trip to the nursery is one of my favourite outings amongst a host of others.
I do not like dull colors like greys in its hues.... so you can find my interior very bright and inviting... but I always would like to keep the walls of my interior white or off-white and fill in color to the interiors with the brightly colored upholstery, curtains etc. especially in my Bangalore  home.
I also feel happy to divulge that I feel extremely happy if guests, relatives or friends praise my homes.

Love the hues of red and creme... makes the home feel instantly warm... and glamorous.. 

so much of thought.. into a little home... to make it look stunning... 

Bell fromm Chamundi Betta

Ganjifa playing cards ... on the wall here... 

How.. this little lamp has created so much drama in this area of her home... Isn't the lamp simply gorgeous.. 

and a few more post cards... 

so tell Asha what you think... of her gorgeous home... And don't forget to pop by her blog and say hello... *smiles*..


  1. Loved part 2 as much as part 1... Asha you have a gorgeous home...each wall, and every corner is filled with love and decorated with style...
    Patty - thanks for sharing..

  2. pretty corners...and i loved the brass, Asha...thanks Pats!

  3. Awesome home decoration ...... all stuffs are placed with energy ..

    Diamond Necklace

  4. greenery inside home is what I like too!

  5. Thank you every one! Am very passionate about my homes, especially when it comes to doing it up.

  6. hmmm, let's see...i love the ethnic touches, the use of vibrant colors, the live-decor via the use of plants, the inviting feel, the darker wood tones.... i could go on :)

    thumbs up to the home owner!
    and thanks for featuring her!


  7. Beautiful!!! very South Indian, very Tanjorish!!


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