Monday 10 December 2012

Christmas Break

Its almost Christmas !! Isn't that lovely !!

I love this time of the year... *sigh*..

We may not be putting up the Christmas tree this year... as we are away during the festive season... So I'm sharing a few pictures from last year... 

I'll be away from blogger for sometime as well.. So I sure hope you will miss me!! .. 

This was last years DIY hanging decor .. super easy to do!! And you can involve the kids too... A few more Christmas Crafts for you... 

Do you like the pink? I totally love the pink & silver theme...

Saying that... this year the house is orange.. I'm not sure how I would have managed an orange themed tree... Would have been nice to see...

If I do manage to put up some decor.. I'll come back for a quick post.. But till then.. Adios...

So... see you in 2013!! 

~ Love ~ Blessings ~ Peace ~ Joy
~ Patricia ~


  1. I love this Christmas Tree, Thanks so much for this lovely decoration

  2. Waiting to see all your more decorations...............

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

  4. the decrs are awesome...enjoy the season!!!!

  5. Hey Patricia...colors make me dance :) I like your tree undoubtedly :)
    I love those little angels too ! Wish you the most joyous Christmas ever and a very creative and beautiful 2013 :)

  6. Loved the Christmas tree! Merry Christmas in advance!


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