Monday 17 December 2012

Christmas cheer

So... we finally put up the tree... and Yes!! it does feel like Christmas now... *sigh*... 

Well... hubby & the girls put up the tree... I think they did a fairly good job... except... I did tell them.. that my tree colours would look lovely on simple white lights... But they would NOT listen.. so now I have multi-coloured lights on the tree... 

But all in all... it still looks nice... Not as gorgeous as I'd like it to be... but nice...

Can you guess what the colours on my tree are this year?? Last year was pink & silver... Do you remember? 

No time for DIYs, no time for handmade decor... Just opened the old boxes and put things up randomly.. 

And ofcourse my angels always have a special place... *smiles*... I picked these up... years ago from The One... They were meant to be chimes... but fell and broke... so now I use them as standing decor...  But they had nothing awesome this year...

The reindeer is my new addition... I think from Day to Day... for AED 2.. Awesome isn't it?? Put him in a glass jar... and gave him some importance with tinsel and lights.. and that makes a gorgeous Christmas decoration... 

See... for yourself... 

So tell me... what are the colours on your tree?? What do you think are the colours on mine!!?? Please don't judge based on the multi-coloured lights... *smiles*


  1. Hey this is cute Patricia! Liked the idea of using those broken chimes...Merry Christmas to you!!! :)

  2. My tree too ended up being multicolored, though my initial plan was while lights... :)

  3. Hi again comment and wishes were for this post but I don't know how they landed up in your previous one ...Well fond wishes again :)

  4. Lovely ! something tells me you have a gold and silver theme this year :)

  5. I hear you on the peer pressure. my kid hates my gold, black & silver theme and is insisting on colour next year. She hates the white lights too. Your tree looks lovely.

  6. Lovely.
    Nice and cute. I love it.

  7. love the cute little angels..they are special :)

    happy holidays!!

  8. Smitha Mascarenhas17 December 2012 at 18:41

    Hi Pat, I've been following your blog since two months and it inspired me to do some Christmas decorations around our home - though we celebrate Christmas in Mangalore, my Dubai home dons the festive look with a 2 ft. tall Christmas tree decked up, a small crib, Santa claus figurines, Christmas wreath, Christmas stockings...most important, those melodious Christmas carols. My deco. might seem like small list compared to the festivities in your home but you inspired year may be, little more efforts and some handmade christmas ornaments at my place. Wish you and family a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 (in advance!!!!)

  9. Hi patty.....nice tree...i loved both ur trees....Anyways MERRY CHRISTMAS & advance HAPPY NEW YEAR....waiting for your Monday weekly story to begin.....

  10. beautiful the white deer inside fish tank...


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