Wednesday 26 December 2012

Its Christmas!!

.... and its Christmas .... Its the last week of 2012... Are you doing anything exciting... ??

I'm not going to say anything today... leaving you with a few pictures of my tree... a few glass ornaments are new this year.. Finally decided that my girls were old enough... Saying that... nearly half of them broke as they were putting it up... *sigh*... 

The below was a string of beads in gold... which I cut.. gathered and hung over the tree... and in totality it does look lovely... 

My priced possession this year... the above little tree... its got little bells on it.. and is super cute.. .the sound is amazing as well... 

And standing tall in Gold and Silver... is my Christmas Tree... *smiles*


  1. Hi Patricia, What a shimmery glimmering tree!

    Wishing you and yours all the best in the year ahead!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Lovely pictures. Take care Anu

  3. hi patty...happy new year....

  4. Pretty glittering Christmas tree. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Wish you a peaceful and happy year ahead. Wish Colours Dekor an eventful year ahead.


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