Wednesday 16 January 2013

and finally a baby shower

Yes.. yes... sharing with you today are pictures of Rose's baby shower... a few of us got togethre to put this beautiful day together... with a rainbow and pooh theme!! 

A the gates... (thats Rose in the background)... 

and a few balloons... 

a little welcome sign at the entrance... 

We had decorations everywhere... 

a book for everyone to sign a special message... This was a fabulous idea!! 

and there was Baby stuff .. everywhere...

The entire home was filled with hanging decoration with cute little butterflies, ducks, umbrellas, booties, bibs.. anything... babyish.. 

oh.. and more hanging decor.. 

some more... so you can see what we did.. 

on the windows too... 

This was the other side of this window... we played some games... 

And I had to include my little paper lanterns... 

and some yummy food... Can you see my juice decanter??

We put little messages on straws as well... in rainbow colours.. 

sneak peak of the cake... 

We also had a little photobooth.. I don't have pictures to share.. Some of these pictures are by Yos Photography .. He is an awesome photographer!! 

More pictures of the cake... and the give away to follow... Do tell us what you think?? 


  1. lovely...and rose's baby is beautiful too...:)

  2. Cute, cheerful and creative :)

  3. Hi Patricia, just to say Hi! Love those beautiful baby shower decors!

    Have a great day!


  4. Patty your energy levels are high as always :-). You make a difference to people's life :-). Keep it going.

  5. Beautiful decoration and thoughtfulness in every corner...!
    best regards,


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