Monday 14 January 2013

Happy Monday

And its a Monday... really!! I simply can't believe that half the month has vanished... I'm still incredibly busy at work and thats how its going to be for a while.. Which just means... that I don't really have a meaningful post for you today... *grins*

Saying that... I wanted to share with you... my new year beauties.. A glass tray base (this came with chocolates on them).... and 4 random tea-light holders... purchased at different times... put little orange and creme pebbles to make a base for the long ones... and I thought they looked lovely... 

Tell me what do you think??


  1. Hey!
    they surely do look lovely.


  2. Hey Patricia.

    The decor looks lovely in the pictures. Surely Home Decor from Hop Shop Drop would look lovelier. Why not visit their site? Go have a dekko.


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