Monday 7 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you my lovelies.... Yes... Its me again!! Did you miss me??

I have so much to tell you.... so much to share... that I simply don't know where to start... Colours Dekor is like my personal diary of happenings, experiences, memories and pretty things I stumble upon... 

I don't know if I want to continue with the weekly linky party... or if I have the patience for it.... How about a monthly one? with a topic as well... ??

There are a few colour stories... I have lined up for you (somewhere!!).... I still have to tell you about my new orange wall.... the stairway makeover... the bar makeover... the shot glasses shelf... that I am still unhappy about... 

I have to tell you about some gorgeous places I visited... the stunning architecture of the temples... the amazing interiors of the hotels... and a few street artists that I was simply amazed about... in particular this spray paint artist on the streets of Moscow... 

Oh... and I have to share all my shopping with you... I picked up absolute junk from the streets of Bali and then from India as well... I also got some gorgeous stuff from an online store... that I have to tell you about.... 

I have a few store reviews... a few design secrets... and also a new series.. of 'At home with ...... '... 

Do you know whose home this is.... in the pic below... *smiles*... 

Well... all this and more... coming up... soon on Colours Dekor... once I'm done with the budgets for FY13 ... finished my quarter end and year end responsibilities... So till then... put up with me... stay connected.... *hugs*


  1. Hey Patty!!
    Welcome back!!
    Happy new year!!! Missed you on Colors-Dekor.... Start writing again soon... share with us all the awesomness from your holidays!
    Keep us posted!

    Much love

  2. happy new year...!!
    its always fun to be here in your space...always get ideas to decorate my home in different ways..and sometimes i get real gud brainwaves seeing some of ur ideas!!!

    so here's to more such great posts from you..cheers!!

  3. Happy new year pat!! can't wait for ur posts this year!

  4. Definetley u were missed! Was almost abt to drop u a not e

    Happy New year BTW!

  5. Happy new year Patty, kick start the blogging season with a bang! :)

  6. Haiiiii
    happy New year. I missed you.

  7. Happy new year Patricia!I didn't miss out much here as you were on a vacation(I guess)and I couldn't sit in front of the comp much as it's mighty cold here in Delhi!

  8. Happy New Year Patty, looking forward to your posts

  9. Hey Patricia and all her wonderful friends out here.

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  10. Welcome back :) Sounds like a happy line up at Colours Dekor. Can't wait to read it :) Happy New Year Patty....hugs Anu

  11. Hi Patty,

    Very Happy New Year to You!
    Loved the last pic, whose is the home btw?


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