Friday 11 January 2013

Vendor cart

I've had this in my plan forever... using a vendor cart at home. At one point I wanted to make my dining table look like this, at another I thought I'd incorporate it in the bar area... Well if nothing worked I could definitely use this in the garden... But none of this happened... and Sharon & I spoke about it for a while too.... 

Anyway... so when I saw this at the Mumbai airport... I was ever so thrilled... 

They used this to display different types of 'Indian Teas', tea cups (kullads), and tea pots... 

Slightly more decorated than the normal vendor cart....

I liked this space as well... where 'Horn OK Please' got a mention with the lotus'... 

Tell me what you think? Would you like to use a vendor cart at home? Where would you use it?


  1. Pretty vendor cart... Looks bright, colourful and cheerful.
    If I had one, I would love to use it in the garden, near the fence where tall wild grasses grow.. It would look beautiful with the bittergourd and coral vine climbers growing over it.., with an ever smiling buddha statue in the center.

  2. How creative! I love to see such displays at airports!


  3. It is very interesting and lovely dear.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Patty,

    Pretty interesting.I would love to use it in my terrace garden :-)



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