Friday 2 August 2013

a tree house

I believe the word Machaan means tree house...

A few kms away from the main city in Jabalpur, MP, India is this gorgeous little kid friendly restaurant...  My sister in law always takes me to such gorgeous little places... *smiles*.. and she knows how I love the old style recreated... 

So here is a place.. that hopes to show off some parts of our culture to the little ones.. 

Gorgeously look interiors... with sitouts like the charpaie (the bed style seating)

and these old modes of transport made in stone... 

Not to froget.. the waterpumps... and wells.. These actually worked.. 

The place was lit with lanterns everywhere... 

And I forgot to take pics of the seating areas... they were elevated spaces.. so you had to climb up.. and you'd feel like you are seated in a tree house.. 

Such a treasure... in this little town.. *smiles*

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  1. Wow great place and so aesthetically done! Could you share the name of the place?


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