Friday 23 August 2013

My Bali Journal

Now.. you already know I love Bali...

But.. to say.. I totally love Le Jardin Villas... is something.. 

We checked into our 2 bedroom boutique villa... thanks to Kavita from DW Travel, who always books the most amazing places for me... *smiles*..

The interiors were so amazing.. the hospitality simply superb... we didn't want to step out... 

Now.. don't ask why we had a 2 bedroom for two people... LOL.. Din't I say.. we like to splurge when the kids dont travel with us... 

Welcome to our villa... 

I loved.. the TV Cabinet.. and the fact that you could close it to look like a painting.. and slide the painting to watch TV... a lovely way to hide the TV from your living room.. 

And the colours of the living room were green and orange.. with a neutral background.. And ofcourse by now you know.. how much I love neutral hues... with a splash of colour.. 

The towels... were all folded into various shapes and sizes.. 

The staircase took you to the second bedroom... *smiles*

I simply love the brick wall.. and the openess of this place.. The architecture allowed ample sunlight... 

a view from the top... the colours of my life for a few days.. *smiles*.. 

Do you like what you see? Would you take any of this into your home?


  1. What a refreshing change to go and live for a few days in such a lovely place, Patricia! Loved it!


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