Wednesday 17 March 2010

My Home, My Magic – home tour Mar 10

Ana is an amazing artist... and the corners of her home show off the artists in all her magnificence!! All her art work is displayed at 'Ana Gonzalez'
Her home in Spain show cases her work of art... put together with so much warmth & love!!
I absolutely love home tours…. Peeping into homes of real people… with real dreams & real hopes… each corner blessed with lots of love and showing off each ones individual style…
Love her stylish displays… Also the way this frame is resting on the table & not hanging on a wall!!
Spot the painting above... and the wall paper below.... Put together beautifully...
Don’t you just love the view... ? and the wooden trimmings?

This is my favourite pic.. I could sit here forever...

Her website, currently under construction… you will need to wait a while!! But it clearly states 'Have a look around and get yourself Inspired' – so mark Have a look around and get yourself Inspired. Hope you've seen Meenakshi's Niwas (Feb home tour) and Ms. Ahalya's home (Jan home tour). If you’d like to see share pictures of your home or would like to show off a a cozy corner do email me on … I’d love to hear from you!!


  1. Such a lovely arty home! Beautiful post, Pat!

    - Sharon

  2. Hi Patty,
    Today i took some time out to browse through your other blogs too. Iam amazed at how you churn out such beautiful posts on all of your blogs. I wonder how you get the energy and the inspiration. Hats off to you:)

  3. Lovely home..very artistic and spain is soo beautiful. One of my fav plces. Thanks for a lovely post Patricia.

  4. Art work in the second pic is beautiful. And what a lovely frame to match it... Artistic and inspiring.

  5. ditto...i could live in that "spot" too...please email n ask her if i can move in there

  6. Love the way Ana's home looks outside to the serenity of the water.

    Your home tours are always so nice.

  7. Spain has been on my travel destination map for a while now and this post made me think about all the plans I had made :) Need to revive them :)

    Love the home you have profiled,Pat. The art is really good and I absolutely love the sideboard in the last pic.

  8. So beautiful! I love how she has all the art up everywhere and the view is beautiful too!

  9. What a wonderful feel to the home with all the art. And the views from the window, well, priceless.

  10. Very arty home! the place! I love all the places for that matter:))

    The wall paper looks great along with all the wonderful art.


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