Saturday 20 March 2010

Co-blogger find (March)

I’m enjoying the co-blogger posts. Absolutely amazed by the talent out there …. Have you seen the February & January posts?? Ethnic Indian featured my home last month… her blog is full of Indian décor ideas!!

2. Entertaining from an Ethnic Indian kitchen is a blog by Komali Nunna. She talks about cooking & entertaining and sets the most beautiful tables.

Do visit her site and while you are there, look at the book as well.

Re-design is an amazing design & architecture blog. Like I said earlier, you can easily identify the professional designers!!

Simply breakfast is a collection of photographs… of everyday breakfasts.. Its eye candy!

Wally’s paper is one of my favourite blogs… She is a great person and has re-launched her blog.

Hope you enjoy looking through these blogs. I’m not good at browsing… so if I haven’t found you or featured you as yet, do write me a small note on


  1. Patricia, you are great at browsing and uncovering great finds! How else can I explain the series of great blogs you keep presenting to us? Great stuff, keep 'em coming! For now, I am off to see the blogs you have mentioned here!

  2. Hi Patricia..thanks a lot for sharing my blog again..and I am glad to get introduced to new bloggers through ur post!!

  3. many blog finds...thts nice:)


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