Tuesday 30 March 2010

nearly egg time!!

Yes... its nearly egg time!! We've got our dining table dressed up with twigs from the garden and eggs hanging off it... No colour theme.... as I think.. all eggs look fab...

This one is my priced possession... Sits proudly on the center / coffee table... in a pretty tall glass.

This is a real egg, hand painted all the way from Romania!! More on this one later...

The girls have prepared a little center peice for their table as well... The bunnies are awaiting...

and so are we.... waiting eagerly... for our chocolate filled Easter eggs... Hope you have a thoughtful Holy week.... and are gearing up for Easter!!


  1. Wonderful table setting and the eggs are very cute. Have a great week.

  2. Loved the egg in the third pic.. the one with red and black motiff. Is it a hand painted one?

  3. Oh! i love the handpainted one! BEAUTIFUL! And your centerpiece looks great...as usual :)

  4. vaishali maniar30 March 2010 at 13:07

    just love to see your new feeds-new creation all the time.

  5. Great looking eggs Pat! I want to know more about your Romanian one. Have a Blessed week. I will be traveling so here are my wishes - have a lovely Easter, and may the Risen Lord bless you and yours!


  6. cool idea of using those twigs n
    liked that hand painted Romania egg

  7. Lovely... esp the orange and green ones! Happy Easter in advance!


  8. I love those colors. Have a Happy Easter.


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