Tuesday 4 May 2010

Cinnamon Lodge, Habarana

I’m so looking forward to my two day break away from home… & most of all away from furniture planning!! I love being on my own in hotel rooms… (for not more than two nights)!! Revive myself by reading few books that I’ve been looking at forever…. Indulge in warm waters, scented oils… with fragrant candles & flowers!! That’s what I’m going to be doing!! Here is me dreaming of my hotel in Sri Lanka. Don’t know if you’ve read my post on Habarana?? !! We stayed at the Cinnamon Lodge. I had a few really pretty pictures, but I cant seem to find them… so for now.. you’ll just have to live with these… I love when there is a pillar in the room…
Dark brown furniture … with an aesthetic touch makes me feel at home. Can you see the ceiling wooden strips??
I was super impressed by the door to the bathroom…. It was glass.. and looked like this...
The candles & scents inside paved way for the mood to be set in right..

Sketches on the wall... well framed... and lit..
And when the lights were on inside, the reflection on the wall looked stunning. The photo does not do justice to the way it really looked.

Cinnamon Lodge is an amazing place… calm, serene and very green. Its time to get lost in nature! I'll post more pictures of the exterior & pool area of this hotel... It is indeed stunning!!! Bye for now... and hope you guys are gearing up for the weekend!!


  1. I hope you have a great weekend..and come back all set to do up your new home! I am waiting eagerly to see the final pics :)

  2. I wish you a great weekend.....Shrilanka is definitely a very serene place. Nature is present in all its magnificence there.


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