Tuesday 25 May 2010

Co-blogger find (May 10)

Sometimes I wish there were just two more hours in the day…. Would give me time to do so much more!!! I want to post so much….. or do so much on this blog….. but its last in my priority list!! OK!! Enough of complaining!! I’ve found 3 new blogs this month… and want to reintroduce you to my old favourite blog…. The pictures & writing on this blog transport me to another world… so if you want to be mesmerised… check Celebrations Décor….
Here are 3 co-blogger finds for the month.... All three blog are simply fab with awesome ideas..
Go on… follow these blogs… and encourage our new friends in blog world. Its simply awesome to share ideas…. Now… if I haven’t found you as yet… (coz I’m not good at this browsing business!!)… send me a mail… and I’d love to look through your bundle of ideas..


  1. Fabulous blogs as usual. Don't worry you are a gem...we all wish there were more hours in the day!!

  2. My dear Patty,
    I'm really touched :-)

    Thanks and regards

  3. My dear PAt ,thanks dear.surprised when i found me here and lovely to be here on your co blogger find..

  4. Love this series on your blog Patricia! It has intro'd us to so many new blogs on the block, and they are so good aren't they? Welcome y'all, the more the merrier!



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