Friday 21 May 2010

My Home, My Magic - home tour May 10

Are you as impatient as me?? And just want to see all the images before reading what I write!!! Well… I don’t blame you… Doesn’t this image speak a lot about the person I am going to introduce to you??? This blog is my emotional rollercoaster for the day… some posts make me laugh, some cry, some THINK!!, some just envy…. Yes envy… coz the writing is soooooo good.. and I cant write half as well!! I’m talking about The Quaint & Luminous life of a Cha Lover
KG is my oldest blogger friend…. Now I know her as Aparna. She has a lot of faces and in one of them she is a Stylkist (don’t ask me what that is…. Go check it out yourself)….
This is her lovely home in Sydney… I simply love and admire how simple… yet elegant her home looks…. Did you think… that basic furniture could look this good?? Well it needs the KG touch!!
I adore the reading space…. And would love to have such a space in my home…. Just for me.. The wicker is perfectly matched with the colourful cushions around it… Love how awesomely the different colours & shades fit into this beautiful home…
The whiteness of KG’s kitchen is simply beyond my imagination… All the little knick knacks from her collection… simply blend together so gorgeously…
The fusion of different colours of wood…. Colours of textiles…. and the modern touch reflects upon the vibrant personality that lives in this home…
This room is my favourite… immediately reflects soooooooo much love.
Oh… last but not the least…. The striking back yard!!!
That’s all from my vivacious friend… and her vibrant home… and if you don’t believe me….. see her blogs for yourself… The Quaint & Luminous life of a Cha Lover and Stylkist – Stylish by design !!


  1. Nice!! ati sunder! Have been following KG's blog for a while (lurking)- but I think I'll de-lurk now. Love her home and her sense of humor! Patricia, thanks for some awesome home tours.....


  2. beautiful pictures and nice blog too..thanks for sharing ..U know I am same dinning table with chairs at my home it from ikea

  3. Hello Patricia!
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I've been a blogger since 2004, but have only now become relatively obsessed (to put it midly - 'mania' might be a better word) with all things decor. I'm also a very good lurker :)

    Your blog has been on my blogroll for sometime and I love it!

    Chryselle @ Frangipani Decor

  4. pattty!! thanks for this, and you know exactly my sentiments on this one. You've made me famous :D.

    Btw, the first image and what you've written: does this give you an idea of the kind of person she is? -Hahaha, i tripped on that- damn, half my readers will take me for an alcoholic what with a whisky coffee table book :D.

    Thanks a million , and this will be my most cherished blog post on Colours Dekor :). Hugs

    @GB: why de-lurk? That coffee table book did it, no? :D But, thanks for lurking :).

    Thanks Rose, Shilpa!

  5. Very pretty! I like the wicker recliner. In fact saw it today at a store, but we have space issues. Will live vicariously through your post.

  6. That is such a lovely home and I LOVE the kitchen. Thanks for sharing this lovely spot.

    Best wishes for a beautiful week,

  7. Ohh nice. This place is certainly inviting. Cozy and kool.
    Hey listen, Anytime u think u wanna share sum laughs over coffee on that fine dinning table, Im always open for an invite. :) :)

  8. Beautiful yet simple home Patricia. I am stealing the idea of Meals and memories....and may the dancing Ganesha bring lots of joy to your family!

  9. Beauitful wicker funitures. I love those cute kitchen jars. After peeping into this beautiful home, I am eager to see the blog too...Im heading straight to the Stylkist blog :)

  10. Patricia, really nice and glowing images!! I will go visit your dear friend right now!

    Art by Karena

  11. What a beautiful home! i love the wicker furniture and that sign meals & memories are made here...god its so sweet!

  12. :) thanks all for loving my space! I'm overwhelmed . It's only because patty believed my place was worth being featured.. I had n still hv my doubts :D! And btw, Stylkist is not my blog. I only contribute to it. It belongs to a dear friend's and I love writing there whenever i can and hv something to share. Cheers and tx everyone.

  13. Lovely home, Ketchup Girl! How have you been? Long time..

    I loved you kitchen - your cannisters are out of this world - I have been looking for Tea Coffee Sugar cannisters for my new home for the longest time, and then gave up and settled for ones that match my decor but don't really bring a lump to my throat each time I see them (If you know what I mean) the colors in ur kitchen too! Great space, and great job, Patricia!


  14. Woww!! Loved Ketchup Girl's home s[ace. Can anybody tell me where I can get similar wicker recliner?

  15. Loved your blog too, Patricia.

  16. Lovely house and am sure jealous of the fact that KG has such a cosy Reading section with the wicker which makes it ever-so-homely!
    *sigh* haven't even yet started earning, but once I do, I seriously hope I have bit and pieces of what I see :-)
    nice blog I must say, brings together one of the most coveted dreams of every person-A Home-And Wonderful Decorations


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