Wednesday 12 May 2010

My Home, My Magic - home tour April 10

Yes! Yes!! I know it’s not April….. but I completely forgot to feature my April home tour!! Do you remember the sneak peak into Anu’s home?? Thank you Raj for sending me a mail and reminding me that her home tour is incomplete…
I love the ample dark wooden feel to Anu’s home….
And am simply amazed by the little artefacts & marvellous corners that create Anu’s special magic.
Spot the brass ladel... and the little sparkles that make the home very Indian!!
I wont bore you anymore... and will leave you with her amazing, picture perfect home..
This is the foyer..... so welcome in!!
Anu is an avid photographer... and this is how she recreates her magic!!
Anu blogs at My Dream Canvas.... where she shares her enthusiam on home decor, travel & photography.... and anything else close to her heart.... !!
Do you have a corner as pretty as Anu's..... do share it with me on


  1. wow Patricia..this is a lovely surprise :-) Thanks so much for the lovely feature and kind words.

  2. oh oh.... this is so pretty :)

  3. I can never get enough of this lady's home :)..thanks patricia

  4. It is beautiful and so harmonious!

    thanks for sharing!

  5. there is so much warmth in her place....anu ur home is fantastic! and thanks pat for sharing such a wonderful space!


  6. Thanks, Shilpa, Sudha, Kanika and Veda.

  7. Great post, Pats!

    Anu you have impeccable taste! Absolutely loved your home. I am curious about the rest of your home - I am sure they are very well done up too!


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