Wednesday 19 May 2010

Dancing Ganesha

New addition to my house – this beautiful dancing Ganesha. Its simply gorgeous…. weighs 20 kils…. And has come all the way from India. Infact, my cousin Nithyu carried this for me…. I have no words to express how I feel!!
Ramie picked the wonderful cabinet He stands on!! Its actually a CD rack…. The wooden carved drawers are intricate and beautiful.
Here is a full view...
Do you like my new addition??


  1. She brought it for you all the way to here! WOW! That's so nice of her, pretty heavy too. Cute Ganapati! :)

  2. Love it- and I like the CD cabinet/stand as well.

  3. The ganapati is gorgeous!!! :) n love the CD rack too. :)

  4. Simply beautiful, loved it!

  5. Simply stunning piece.I have a smaller version and i can imagine how gorgeous your Ganesha will look when made the centre of attraction!

  6. Ganeshji is Beautiful! I like that cute little mouse too. :)


  7. Its the CD rack its on.

    - Karthika

  8. It is beautiful. Nice of your cousin to have brought it all the way from India. The CD rack, ganesh and brass lamp, all together look beautiful.

  9. Hi Pat,
    Superb blog, lovely pics....
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    Warm regards

  10. jai sri ganesh...very nice statue of ganeshji Patricia..I appreciate your relative who made effort to carry it all the way to Dubai .

  11. i am jealous Patty its awesome... May you feel his presence in every corner of the house


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