Wednesday 1 September 2010

Cozy Corners September

I’m inviting you to join my September theme ‘Cozy Corners’!! The theme is open to bloggers & non bloggers… Don’t forget to tell me ‘why this is your cozy corner??’… Here is my story…

My new home is not falling into place as quickly as I’d want it to. I don’t really have a cozy corner as yet. So I’m missing… I’m so so missing this ‘cozy corner’… This is where Rose & I have spent a few hours gossiping about the world around us… Our gossips over a cup of tea (for me) and black coffee (for Rose – yuck!!).. would include everything from family, friends, home décor, food, my kids, Bollywood, weddings, mad birthday parties, ‘drunk on coke’ parties and most importantly shopping..… We both miss this corner… coz we haven’t found ‘our corner’ in my new home…

This is how you join the party -

  1. Do a 'Cozy Corner' post on your blog. It has to be 'your' photograph of any corner in 'your' home that is special to you. And make sure you tell me a story on what makes this corner so cozy?
  2. No images from other websites or magazines please!! This is about YOU.
  3. Link back to my blog.... only as a courtesy, so we have more people joining the party.
  4. Copy the 'permalink' from your 'Cozy Corner' September post (not the link to the front page of your blog).
  5. Add your 'permalink' to the 'inlinkz' at the bottom of this post.
  6. Click the link before you. Don’t forget to comment and if you like the blog, please follow.
  7. Any questions, email me on

Please note, you DO NOT have to be a follower of my blog to join the party.. I'd love to see you here!!

For all my non blogger friends, please email me a picture of your ‘cozy corner’ and your special story to … and I’d love to showcase your ‘cozy corner’.


  1. Yikes, you know what they say about great minds... they think alike. I just announced a cozy spot theme on my blog and then was browsing on Google reader and saw your post :). Should be fun!

  2. I can't believe I am the first. So be it. A wonderful topic, yet generic enough that a non-designer like myself could find something right away to post.

  3. Lovely thought around which there is bound to be a lovely story..look fwd to seeing cozy corners and cozier stories!

  4. Great topic, will post my corner soon...

  5. Patty, where's the party? Here? :-)

  6. i love those chairs...and the corner is so inviting patty!!

  7. i have two cozy spots in my home!!....and i can understand your despair about not able to recreate one in ur new home!!!

  8. wow. such a lovely room...... so Indian and lovely furniture...

  9. I hope a cozy corner for Labor Day weekend will work! I have a bunch of cozy corners! Thanks for hosting! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  10. Beautiful theme Patricia!! Loved all of the entries and enjoyed putting up my entry :) Will be going through the other blogs soon.

  11. My cozy corner is the sectional in our family room, next to my books, and with the wonderful view we see through our windows.

    Thanks for hosting the party.

  12. What a lovely thought. Thanks for hosting the party, Patty.


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