Tuesday 1 February 2011


Time for some easy crafts yet again !! - I attempted the 'toilet-roll' craft for the first time and was very pleased with the results :) :)
I had saved up a couple of cardboard rolls to convert it into something pretty; but somehow I kept procrastinating. Finally, I googled for some ideas but could not find a single design that corresponded to what I had in mind.
So I decided to give it my own touch with my accumulated treasure of leftover scraps; and trust me, it was just so easy! I then realized that it really helps to visualize it first and then begin to create, especially if this is your own imagination.
I first stuck a strip of plain paper around the roll and painted it to a bright red
I had some small strings of wool leftover from a latch-hook craft project and this is what I made out of it, an outfit for my doll :)
Beginning to resemble a doll
And here she is !! :):)
Egged on by the success of my first doll, I happily proceeded on to making the next one!!
Voila !!
.. and here they are, they look like sisters don't they? :):):)
Aren't they just so pretty? You can make them too, using your own innovative ideas :)


  1. Thats a great mid-winter vacation idea!

  2. wow! sooo cute.. loved the idea. I m sure can gift to my niece :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. such cute dolls..I just love it.
    I am an artist too and keep exploring these new ideas for interiors for my blog.

    I must say very nice idea.

  4. lovely , simple and neat... Love this... !!


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