Tuesday 8 February 2011

Walls with Character ~ Kalyani

Hello my lovelies... I only have 10 mins for a quick post today... and I'm guessing it will be like this till about end of April.. *sigh*... I feel as though 2011 is going faster than expected... Anyway... This whole week is dedicated to 'walls with character'.... I've got some gorgeous posts... in store... but sorry... they will all be really quick posts...
Now... over to Kalyani who blogs at Vistas of Life... and her gorgeous walls... and the challenges to make her walls look magical... Do you like the terracotta squirrel... *smiles*
How I wish to do a makeover to the walls in my house ! Staying in company accmodation some times becomes a hurdle and a husband who never finds pleasure in disobedience adds to the pain.
I am a person who tries to get pleasure legally and ethically. None has any problem with my wall art ,infact my little neighbour rushes to help me. It is her weekend wrap up and I enjoy the luxuary of changing the decor everyday.
Where there is a will there is a way.
Where there is wall there is art ..
Tell her you simply love her enthusiasm... isnt it?? Hope on to Vistas of Life... to know Kalyani a little more... Do you have a wall that we can all talk about?? email me at torresp27@hotmail.com

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