Tuesday 1 February 2011

Walls with Character ~ Bedazzled

In the spotlight for all of February ~ Walls with Character... Don't forget to send in your entries at torresp27@hotmail.com
Here is a wall that truly tells you a story… Living in a rented apartment is no reason not to have a gorgeous wall!! I admire Bhargavi and her zest to create a personal wall… A bit about the wall- The wall I've sent you pics of is from our living room. Like I said, I love colour and wanted to get the wall painted red or in some luscious colour. Alas,the landlord didn't want us painting the walls in deep colours, so we had to find some other way of brightening the wall. Another constraint we had was that we couldn't fix too many nails, so out went the idea of hanging lots of wall-art on the wall.
During a visit to the local Homecentre outlet, I discovered the vinyl patterns and knew that the stickers would be perfect for the living room wall. The puppet hanging amidst the flowers is Chi chi :-). I also like shuffling wall hangings at least once in 2-3 months - one of the pics is of a painting we bought from China Town in Singapore. It's one of my favourite places to pick knick-knacks and there simply isn't a thing that you can't buy there.
Do you have a wall that can tell a story?? Do you have the enthusiasm to fill your wall?? Walls with Character is in the spotlight for all of February... so go on... and share pictures of that gorgeous wall... Email me at torresp27@hotmail.com


  1. ooh Patricia I will have to think about this!! I love what you have done and the pillows on the sofa are perfect against it!

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    Art by Karena

  2. I have sent some pictures from my corner walls toyour hotmail ID. pleease check.

  3. looks so good specially the one with the puppet

  4. really bedazzled!! Loved the stickers!! :)

  5. Thanks for posting the pics,Patricia. Thanks for the lovely comments,guys.

  6. I headed over from Bedazzled. Very artistic and uplifting wall design!

  7. I like the colorful pillows and the puppet on the wall.

    There's not an easy fix to get around the 'no nails' rule. Nice one Bhargavi.

  8. Love the vinyl pattern and the way it is stuck in a random pattern... Beautiful wall.. Bargavi..

  9. I love the puppet ,what is the name and where it is available ,could give a answer please.


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