Friday 11 February 2011

The Friday Mix ~ Sound Horn Please

Dont you just love Fridays at Colours Dekor?? Or am I pushing my luck.... *wink*.... I love Fridays... coz its the start to my weekends... A week of planning goes into the happenings of my Friday and Saturday... which lantern gets placed where... What new candle setup... I also eagerly wait for someone to blog swap with.... This week I'm blogging at Sound Horn Please.... Have you seen her blog?? Its a young, enthusiastic, for of zest and information.... blog!! I love all her posts.. and the information.. I love the fact that some posts are so so Indian... and so so Filmy or Bollywoodish... *smiles* So hop on to my new favourite blog.... Sound Horn Please... and dont forget to follow!!

Hello to all ardent Colours Dekor readers!! I am Divya and Sound Horn Please is my little space on the internet. As the point of this wonderful thread started by Patty, is to know the blogger and not just the blog better, I guess its time for some unmasking….

Name: Divya Rajan aka Sound Horn Please

Day time occupation: Management Consultant. I spend hours on the phone putting out fires, typing furiously on my smart phone or clacking away hunched over the keyboard.

Night time occupation: Blogger. Spend a few more hours hunched over the keyboard- but to make up for the greyness of my daytime hours… I blog, ogle at the eye candy uploaded by fellow bloggers and replenish my soul a little. Result: An ever burgeoning inspiration folder on my laptop and various moleskines scribbled with my DIY and ‘If I had a blank canvas….’ ideas stacked up on my night stand. I go to sleep a happier person J

Want to know more about my night time activities? Hop over to Sound Horn Please….

I believe anybody willing to kick off their shackles, needs encouragement, some PR and oodles of applause. So, I use SHP as a platform to showcase the work of young creative talent from India trying to make a go for it on their own…. Come meet artists, graphic designers, jewellery designers and even aSari designer selling their unique wares!

Living so far away from India means I love everything India- antique or retro. Blame it on nostalgia and home sickness, but a caricature of Rajanikanth on a mug tugs my heart strings right now ;)

And of course a little bit of me seeps in the form of DIYs and wares that catch my eye!

Patty, Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be on Colours Dekor- I’m really really honoured!

Also, a CSN Giveaway is on till Valentine’s Day at SHP- Come take a shot ;)

Here is wishing you a wonderful wonderful weekend!


  1. Good to know more about you Divya..
    I am amazed at how you guys manage both full time job and such wonderful websites..

  2. I am an avid reader of Sound Horn Please. Interesting to read more baout the author and see more of her interesting photos here.

  3. great to know you Divya. a lovely post indeed.


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