Monday 21 February 2011

Weekend Wrap Up 19

Hello my lovelies…. The weekend is gone!! Can you believe it was our long weekend.. but it disappeared equally fast.. I can’t seem to tell if my weekdays are busy… or weekends!! I simply don’t have time enough to dedicate to this blog… I really don’t!! This was my ‘eventful’ weekend…

Thursday, we had a painting assignment.. This was our first!! We painted two walls of a small office… The first wall was a fusion of grey… going into yellow.. and them wandering into a pretty reddish tone… This assignment was a mixture of excitement, nervousness, pleasure and stress!!! Its so so easy to paint the walls of your own home… where you are in control.. and if things go wrong… you can just paint it white again!! The wall has some more work to do!! The second wall we painted an earthy brown… This is surely not my kind of colour!!

Friday…. I had to attend the Terry Fox Run meeting… The run is on 25th Feb and I hope it’s a bigger success than last year.. Anyway, then in the afternoon, we went to work on the second wall.. We stuck some filmy posters on it.. This wall looked gorgeous according to me!! *sigh* This wall is complete and will be showcased soon in the ‘walls of character’ series..

Saturday….. was even more eventful!! I cleared another room in the house… and another bag full of things to give away!! *smiles* Even better… was walking around the garden… Moms got some pretty flowers… and is very pleased with herself…

I tidied up the garden… making it look neat & clean.. Now I know exactly what I want to put… where… I want to buy some earthen beauties… like lanterns, urlis, etc… That’s on my to-do list for March… so wait and watch!! In between this… we had two ballet classes and one ballet rehearsal… Yva & I also wandered off to Home Center for a while… Its always therapeutic to go and see some pretty homey stuff on the way… *sigh* I felt so much better after looking at all the gorgeous stuff they had in store…

I cant tell you … how over booked I am this week… I’ve got trainings, new recruits, ballet classes, Terry Fox Run, backstage assistance…. and my list, as usual… is endless!! But I’ll survive!! Only thing is… I may be completely off blogger for a while.. I’ve got a few posts scheduled for you though… to keep you busy.. *smiles*

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  1. Loved the yellow and red colours in the 1st pic of the post :) Such cheerful colours. My weekend task involved almost similar colours. Just linked in my post. Happy Monday and all the best for the busy week ahead!!

  2. Have been waiting to link the post to they party... !! And I love the garden pictures... !! Oh !You have inspired me Patty to rearrange my plants too.. Time for a change !!!

  3. what a lovely many accomplishments..can't wait to see more on your wall project. The garden looks beautiful.

  4. ur garden looks so pretty...!!! i think i goofed a little on linking the post...sorry...i am a blogger newbie!!!

  5. The wall colour description is interesting... grey merging into yellow wandering into red! I would love to see the finished wall!
    Your garden looks spic and span. You sure are great at cleaning and de-cluttering. Love the grey toned urn with flowery patters. Is it a plant holder?

  6. What a lovely weekend. I envy the flowers on your porch. We are still battling with -18 to -20 :-(. Keep posting the warm and lovely pictures

  7. Thanks for your comment on my post Patricia!
    Will sure send pics of my home, Super-thrilled!! :)
    I diggg your garden! Cheery flowers and esp. the black n white urn, striking!!

  8. So you had a lovely weekend!..Loved your garden pics Patty..fab :)


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