Monday 31 October 2011

The Weekly Store ~ wk 55

First of all... a BIG 'Thank you' to all those who participated in the 'Give Away' last week... However, I've extended it till 4th Nov and will announce winners on 5th Nov. Till then, go on, share on your FB pages and let friends and family join in.... Like I said.. the stuff on shopo is awesome... You'll get lost for a while.. and I'd love to send something to my lovely readers... *hugs*

So how was your weekend?? Mine was filled with candles.. and more... *smiles*.. 

Here are some images of our dining table for Halloween....

Do you like what you see??

So I can't wait for you to link in...!! 'The Weekly Story' linky party ~ open from Monday through Wednesday every week.. ... ... ...
  1. Do a post on your blog, about ANYTHING! and it can really be anything – example – a fun recipe you tried out, a craft project, a DIY, a table top, a few candles, coffee with friends or a good book or a movie review… The list is endless… just about ANYTHING… and anything about YOU !! *smiles* ... It can also be 'anything pretty' ...
  2. Original photographs only... No images from other websites or magazines please!! This is about YOU.
  3. Link back to my blog.... only as a courtesy, so we have more people joining the party.
  4. Copy the 'permalink' from your post (not the link to the front page of your blog).
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Colours Dekor 

~ Patricia


  1. Hi Patricia, I think your blog is awesome and have therefore given you a lovely blog award. Please pick it up here

  2. Have a great week ahead, Patricia!

  3. wow
    Pretty candles and i just love it dear.

  4. usual.. Perfection !!! The maple leaf decor is so pretty..and so are the candles! HAppy Halloween!

  5. Nothing can beat the coziness of the candles and over time I have seen the way you made your space so beautiful each time with a different decor idea.

  6. What a atmospheric photo's! Have a great week and thank you for hosting again.

  7. Patricia such awesome photography- your blog is such an awesome place to stroll around in!! My house is 99% of the time a mess and I love to see the pristine clean and spick and span gorgeous images of homes you share

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  8. Great collection...and beautiful thoughts ...thats what i like about your blogs.

  9. Hey Patty, I can never get enuff of your candlelight eye candy. You've decorated beautifully! I love the candles and their reflection on your round mirror.... gorgeous!

  10. Hi There,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Loved your Diwali Decorations with the floating candles.

  11. Beautiful photos ! Thanks for visting,Joann

  12. Your table was beautiful! Great decoration! Have a great day and a happy Halloween to you!

  13. I am an admirer of your blog. I have subscribed to it long ago. I love your candle collections.
    Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures and your travel experiences to get us some glimpse of UAE.

  14. patty i missed out on your give away :( but m soo glad m finally back.and by did i miss your gorgeous always your home deco looks brilliant !!

  15. Superb Piece of Web site, you’ve got right here. I am so fortunate to run into your web site through yahoo queries. I just bookmarked to read your articles.Your table was beautiful! Great decoration! Have a great day and a happy Halloween to you!

  16. Belated Diwali and Halloween wishes.

    I am off to a new blog and my goal is to run 5K to start with and then a 8K, 10K ... Do visit it when you get a chance.

    Gorgeous pictures as always.


  17. Wonderfully lit and what a golden glow!
    I had posted about Diwali fever at Shopo & Colours Dekor, pls do chk it out.

    Have a great day!


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