Thursday 19 April 2012

Ladybird paper weight craft

You've seen a preview of Yva's Garden party in my earlier post.... 

Today, I'm sharing a little craft that my nine year old ~ Sims and her best friend Esha did on that day... With little stones from the garden that they painted red in colour ... 

We then had a little 'ladybird station', where kids got to make their own lady birds using black markers.... as soon as they joined the party...

And I had a little print out of a lady bird in a frame....

That's the lady bird station... The kids got to make a ladybird and then write their names on the back...

During the party... we used these as table decorations... The kids were super pleased to see their work displayed so well.... And it did look gorgeous... 

What surprised me the most... was that some kids actually remembered... and came to ask for their ladybirds... And that's why I had the biggest smile ever....

Now what do you think of these cute little lady birds??

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  1. we have also made these and they are sooooooo cute! .. We used googly eyes too :D Join in to the AC april

  2. Hey they are really cute...even I did with my mother when I was young..

  3. these are absolutely adorable!!and yes they must have felt so proud to see thier little creations being displayed!!u really have some lovely ideas patricia!!

  4. That is such a wonderful idea and I wish I had thought of something like this for my daughter's birthday party too. It is absolutely adorable.

  5. This is such a wonderful idea :)

  6. wowww this are so cute and easy!!!I guess sim has got ur creative brain patty :)

  7. awwww that is a neat idea those lady birds look real cute.These craft projects in parties just keeps the kids engaged and less of mess happens around. Loved them.

  8. They're precious! And even more so since you know the artists personally!

  9. What fun it must have been for the children and they look so cute!!! Love your ideas !


  10. This is such an interesting idea to paint ladybirds on stones!and they've come out so cute!You really have lots of ideas,Patricia!

  11. Such a cute idea! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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