Monday 16 April 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 76

Hello Monday!! How have all you lovely people been?? I've been super busy... and when I say super... I can't even begin to explain.... 

Anyway... coz I don't have much to say today... I thought I'll confuse you with loads of pictures of my little one's birthday party... This was unlike any other party... totally unplanned.... (more on that later)... 

So as my younger one turns six.... *sigh*... we host a colour garden party....  

... a little glimpse of the entrance.. ladybird station... and the sweet corner... (more pics to follow)... I promise!!

and finally some table decor... 

I should have some free time this week... so will pop into say hello... 
Come back for more pictures of the birthday bash this week.... 

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  1. Your little one's party looks so wonderful!

  2. beautiful Birthday party. May God bless your little girl with all the happiness from heaven and earth.

  3. Loved the Alice tea party theme for your little ones birthday. Liked the way you used the chai (tea) holder stand to house the candy sticks.It was a pleasure going through your blog..... do drop by mine.

  4. Lots of good wishes to your beloved daughter. Nice B'day party!! Waiting for more pics to come :-)

  5. Hi Patricia. Its always such a pleasure to visit your blog.God bless your little daughter.

  6. Aha pretty and nice decoration. May God bless your little one.

  7. Even I am busy planning birthday arty for my son,,,:) your post has inspired me,,:) beautiful pics,nd ya belated birthday wishes to ur daughter,,

  8. Lovely party.Wishes to ur daughter...

  9. Thanks for hosting & lovely party :)

  10. What a beautiful party! I love it, especially the little tables and chairs!

  11. All the decorations r so beautiful!!! wish I was a little girl to attend this party..a very happy birthday to u r daughter...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on every post of mine, it encourages me to do more...

  12. woww this graden party looks so lovelyy i am sure ur liitle one n thier freinds had lot of fun..waiting for lot more pictures

  13. woww this graden party looks so lovelyy i am sure ur liitle one n thier freinds had lot of fun..waiting for lot more pictures

  14. What a beautiful, colorful and lovely birthday party!! I want a party like this for my birthday!!

    thank you for hosting!

  15. My Wishes To Yva !!!

    Wow !! Patty, the party looks soo colorful , inspiring and wonderful !!!
    Love the string of lanterns - paper cutouts of flip flops, flowers.... And the cup cakes look soo delicious... !! Love how you have put the chai stand to use !!

    Please post close-up shots and Tips for hosting a party like this !!! May be you can also mention where you got these items from in Dubai... with the approx cost !!

  16. Belated b'day wishes to your little one!

    Lovely arrangement. cup cakes are yumm! and those tiny stool-chairs are so cute!

  17. So pretty and cheerful. Happy Birthday to the little one. Yes, they do grow up so fast. Enjoy them and have fun


  18. The party looks so cute and lovely. Kids love colorful decors and pretty stuff and I am sure, they all loved this stuff. The cupcake seems very delicious to the eyes and I wanna have this stuff on my daughter who is turning 7 this coming May. Hope her birthday is as gorgeous and pretty as your young ones.

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