Wednesday 18 April 2012

@ the Art Fest...

...The last 2 weekends and week was so much fun. I had my neice visiting me from the week flew by with lots of talking and catching up, some shopping and yes a whole introduction to the Medical world of qualifying exams, as she was here to give her last qualifying USMLE session. Hope Atlanta will be very lucky for her and she comes back here to do her residency...:-)
While the week was kinda chilly, the weekend was gorgeous and usually starting March all the way to October, we have a number of outdoor Art festivals, with lot of local artists showcasing their wares...On Saturday, I landed at the Acworth Art fest with my cousin and her two kids. It was a lot of fun meeting the artists, and checking out  all the lovely stuff...Sharing some pictures of what we took at the Acworth Art fest...

...some beautiful flowers made with Buttons and Ceramic flowers..

... flowers made with Buttons and recycled sweater castoff bits...

...some stainglass paintings, windows and cousin wanted that gorgeous frame with those colourful wheels...

...Cannot have a festival without some ice cones!...In the making, is my neice Sahana's rainbow ice cone in a pink flower was DELICIOUS acc to her...:-)

...My nephew Sanju fascinated with the carved birds...

...Sanju's favorite piece! Snakes made from glass bottle stoppers...the snake was indeed fascinating...

...and I loved this painting of the mama and baby giraffe's...

It was a fun day dont you think? What do think happened after this trip?..a sneek preview...

Adios for now


  1. Beautiful Post, Anpu... Love the colorful Animal Art... the ceramic button flowers and the carved birds, Lovely !!!

  2. It felt like a virtual tour for me Anpu, arent the pieces gorgeous! I loved the bench most.I am sure you picked up a few lovely stuff :-)

  3. beautiful arts.... loved those buttons

  4. WOW Amazing stuff.. I am a big recycling fan and I wish I was there !!


  5. Love the tour anpu :) What gorgeous pieces.. I'm sure you came back all inspired

  6. Great day out! The recycled products are very attractive, and so is the paintings.

  7. much art! Lovely works... Super trip!

  8. Can't wait for the art fair's to start here in Illinois,thanks for sharing the pics,love each and every piece of art...

  9. Loved the post.I had seen a similar kind somewhere near Arizona on one of our road trips.Such lovely wares can be found here.Thanx for sharing :)

  10. Wowww such a coollll stuff :)

  11. wow I too loved the Giraffe painting !!

  12. wow..i live in the atlanta area too..and visited an arts fest last week :)

  13. Lovely post anpu....I would go crazy in this place.....looks awesome!!!!!!!


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