Friday 20 April 2012

Maldives – a perfect way to unwind

Maldives was definitely not on my list of destinations to visit…. But coming here has made me realize that a holiday is not really about site seeing but a time to unwind, relax & rejuvenate. And Maldives can offer you just that and a lot more!!

The blue skies, the turquoise blue sea that gets darker in colour as it get deeper, the blazing sun is an ideal location for a tropical holiday. The combination of sun, sea, sad, a thousand scattered islands, massive lagoons with varying depth, amazing underwater corals and breathtaking marine life…. Can give you the tranquility that you are looking for.


So serene, calm & peaceful, yet Maldives has a lot more to offer. There are a few resorts here and am sure all of them offer more or less the same amenities. Check details on Maldives & places to say here. We stayed at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa. Do check it out as well… its awesome!!

While you are here, you can try snorkeling, diving or eve simpler water activities like water skiing, banana boat rides, string ray rides or even just fishing.

Maldives if famous for its rare, extremely colourful, abundant & beautiful life underwater. This is what has made Maldives a fascination for divers & snorkelers. All resorts in Maldives have professional dive schools with multi-lingual instructors.


I am no diver or snorkeler, but the 30mins instructions are more than enough for enthusiasts like me to experience life beneath. Just a few strokes away from the beach are the house of reefs & shallow corals. Some reefs are so shallow that you can simply walk up to them and enjoy their beauty. However do not stand or attempt to walk on the corals as this will damage them and it can take upto five or more years to regain itself. 

The snorkeling equipment is easily available at all resorts. Snorkeling is an amazing experience. One that I cannot describe in words. To see the fish in their habitats, was like seeing life beyond my everyday being. Among the many fish I saw, the ones that caught my attention were tens of tiny aqua coloured fish that went around in groups, then a purple coloured fish with yellow fins, then a huge purple, blue & aqua coloured fish…. I stood there absolutely spell bound seeing the beauty of the colours and the psychedelic colours of life beneath.




While in Maldives you can also do island hopping and a visit to Male or some other smaller islands to see the lifes of people here.

Please also remember that the weather in Maldives is warm / hot all year long. So carry sufficient linen / cotton clothes and sun screen. Don’t forget your swimsuit & waterproof sunscreen and ofcourse underwater cameras.



I am no beach lover, yet I absolutely loved Maldives. Just sitting by the beach listening to the waves and reading a book or sipping my coffee. Lazing around the beach, going for a massage, watching the sunset, spending some time with myself, was the break I much needed. I am a 100% sure you will enjoy it too.


  1. :) a travel tale well told took me there with the beautiful pics and lovely nuggets of info!:)

  2. L like sunny beach with crystal clear water. I should go to Maldives as soon as possible.

  3. patrica, glad to have met you in blog world. thanks for your comments on my blog.Love your header pic of Taj looks absoutely lovely.

  4. What stunning photos, Patricia! The water looks so very clear and inviting. Lovely! No wonder you had such a good time there.

  5. reading your post, i find so much resonance in my experiences of the bali trip!!!
    i had gone to bali, and pretty much felt the same way and experienced the same things...and yeah, snorkelling is an amazing exeperience!!!

  6. The Maldives is an eye catching and wonderful island to see and visit it has romantic sightseeing and views for visitors and the beaches are so attractive and appealing they are surrounded by soft sands and crystal clear blue water for snorkeling and surfing.

  7. lovely pics and post!! maldives hasnt been on my radar yet, but this makes me want to add it to my list too!! and btw, looks like ur other travel blog is getting neglected, with you posting travel posts here itself...

  8. Maldives is great for travel and holidays,..but not for staying long time..our company has a long term project in Maldives and all my colleagues who have to live there for 2-3 months hate it!!.....some of them even resigned and left at the prospect of being shifted there on long term basis!!

  9. ooooh!!! Maldives has just been added to my list of "places to visit"...beautiful pics thanks for sharing...

  10. Wow !!Patty I will surely make that my next trip :)

  11. Wanna jump in to the blues... So beautifullllllllll


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