Friday 27 April 2012

Male - so small .... so pretty...

I was in Maldives two years ago.. sometime in October I think!! Do read my Maldives post first!!

Male’ would certainly count as one of the smallest capitals in the world in terms of its physical size. Different from other islands in Maldives, Male is a city of high-rise buildings and paved roads. The main streets attract tourists with its shops & offices and all the government offices are located in one area.

Male does not have any beaches… However, a paved scenic harbour is a pleasant walking or jogging route – very popular as the sun sets and the temperatures drop.

Main places of interest in Male are –

The Islamic Center – is an architectural landmark of Male. As you approach Male you can see its majestic golden dome. The centre is a big mosque enough for 5000 people, a conference hall, classrooms, Islamic library & offices.

Local Market – Must visit the Male First Market… and just a block away is the Local Market. These are little stalls with a variety of local products mainly vegetable, fruits, nuts, chips, home made sweets & pickles and bananas and bananas hanging on coir ropes from the ceiling.

The National Museum – this is supposed to be the only remaining building of the Sultan’s palace, which is now part of the Sultan’s park. It is a three storey, Edwardian colonial style building. Don’t go by its outwards looks, inside there is an amazing collection of articles, artifacts ranging from thrones & palanquins to riffles, ceremonial robes, headgears, umbrellas, earthen pottery and even the first printing press!!

One thing for sure.. I did not expect to see this wealth of history!! So go on.. and discover Maldives!!


  1. So gorgeous! I've always wanted to go and stay in one of those fabulous houses on the water, and those fish are just beautiful!

  2. Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! I was looking over all of your blogs, they are all lovely and interesting.

    Maldives looks wonderful to visit. One day...


  3. Love the fish!! It's a beautiful place!

  4. Hi patricia,rom the
    chanced upon ur blog via vasudha's.
    n must say, u have given a vivid description..a beautiful male indeed!

    keep up the good writing please!

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  5. Hi Patricia! thanks a ton for following my blog..really appreciate it!

  6. this year, planning for a holiday, we came down to two choices..maldives & bali..finally we chose bali.....and it was a real good holiday...but luking at ur time its gonna be maldives!!!

  7. I could use a little of this peace and quiet right now. Lovely.

  8. The Male is a small island and harbor in Maldives. It is absolutely wonderful and beautiful.

    It is the best place to visit and explore. It is so peaceful and enchanting. The architecture is excellent and praiseworthy.

  9. It's in my list to visit. Very near yet so far.

    The photos are beautiful. Looking forward to some more.


  10. Maldives is one of the places i wanted to go.....Amazing pics and a nice blog.

  11. thank you for a beautiful trip!!!
    greetings from spain

  12. When I saw the title on my reader, I thought you were making a post about a little boy :P


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